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We provide a full search and acquisition service for business owners and investors looking for new properties. Typically, people come to us for one of three reasons: They are unfamiliar with the Manchester area; they want their identify kept confidential during the search process, or they are busy and don’t have time to research the market.

With our practical knowledge of the region and the local commercial property market, we’ll know exactly where to look to find properties that will match your specifications. And, using our network of local agency and landlords, we’ll search beyond what’s on the open market to find opportunities that might not yet be advertised.

We’ll then provide a shortlist of relevant properties and arrange a convenient viewing schedule.

Once you’ve identified a property you want to proceed with, we’ll negotiate on your behalf with the vendor or landlord.

Tightly targeted searches – no wasted time

Before we start, we’ll ask lots of questions about your business and your long-term aspirations, to make sure we only put forward properties that are a genuine match for your needs.

If you’re a business owner, there’s a lot to consider. Does it matter if the premises are self-contained, for example? What sort of impression do you want to give to visitors? What type of atmosphere would you like to provide for staff? Is parking important? How might growth plans affect decisions? Are you prepared to fit out the premises, or do you need somewhere you can move straight into?

If you’re an investor, we’ll talk about what types of properties and locations are currently offering the best short- and long-term returns. If you’re new to commercial property investment, we’ll also discuss the pros and cons of taking on the various different types of property.

Sound advice on prices and rent levels

Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, we’ll know what a fair price would be bearing in mind local market conditions. We can recommend what to offer, and support you through the negotiations.

Professional guidance on lease terms

If you’re taking out a lease, the rent is only one aspect of the deal. Leases are complex documents – and once you’ve signed, you’re legally committed. This means professional advice is vital if you want to be sure of both avoiding the many common pitfalls and negotiating the best terms.

We’ll help you understand the detail of the lease and negotiate with the landlord to get terms that work for you. If necessary, we’ll advise when to walk away. Key issues include break clauses (when can you get out?), rent review provisions, alienation (sub-letting or assignment) clauses, and repairing obligations. We’ll also use our knowledge of the local market to help you negotiate rent free periods and other incentives.

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