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Rent review negotiations

Instruct us to act for you in rent review negotiations, and we’ll take care of the often-complex procedures and work to achieve the best outcome in every case. As skilled and experienced negotiators, we’re almost always able to bring both parties to agreement without the need to escalate the case to third party determination.

Landlord or tenant, you can rely on us to take a pragmatic approach whilst maintaining a strong position for you.

Strong market knowledge to strengthen your position

With most leases stipulating that rent is to be reviewed to market rent, our up-to-the-minute knowledge of the Manchester commercial property market is an invaluable asset for landlords and tenants keen to achieve the best rent review outcomes.

Importantly, we’re out and about every day and we have a strong network of local contacts. This gives us on-the-ground knowledge to supplement what’s available via industry databases and other internet research – and can provide crucial insights to boost your negotiating position.

As a result, you’ll get accurate recommendations on the best result likely to be achievable in each case, so you don’t waste time and money holding out for an improbable outcome. We’ll then pull together a strong body of evidence to support your position as we head into the negotiation.

Procedures all taken care of

Contact us in good time, and we take of all the procedural details. With our expert support on hand, you can be confident of avoiding costly mistakes such as missing critical notice periods.

We do everything we can to make the experience smooth and stress-free. If the lease conditions state time is of the essence or you are otherwise keen to avoid delay, we’ll keep things moving.

Once terms are agreed, we produce a clearly-written memorandum of rent review you can add as an annex to the lease.

Fair fees

For landlords, we only charge an agreed percentage of the new rent. There’s no fee if we can’t make a difference.

For tenants, there’s a flat fee plus a percentage of the saving we make on the new rent when compared to the original rent level proposed.

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Why choose Gifford Dixon for your rent reviews

Bring us in at rent review time, and you’ll have a skilled rent review expert on your side from the start. Our experience in negotiating rents in the local area gives you a strong advantage, and we’re normally able to bring parties to agreement without the need for third party determination and the accompanying fees.

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